you want to get rid of rusty skin in cold days, follow these tips

you want to get rid of rusty skin in cold days, follow these tips.

New Delhi: The problem of dryness is very common during the winter season. Due to lack of attention, the thin layer of frozen fat on the skin becomes dry. This thin layer of fat is naturally produced and due to its skin moisture and tenderness remain. But when this layer dries up, it becomes strange marks on the skin when itching or any kind of ragi is eaten. These marks seem very cumbersome to see.

Today we tell you some similar reasons that cause trouble with dry skin, and we also tell you ways to overcome it.

Due to these reasons, dry skin problem

Use of soap
Natural oil rapidly decreases by using soap to wash face and hands. Due to this, the problem of dryness increases on the skin. Due to this, there is a problem of crack and blood leak in the skin.

Due to diabetes, the sugar levels rise in the body, due to which the slowed circulation is slowed. This problem often causes urination, which reduces water in the body and increases stability in the skin.

Tension occurs due to lack of proper sleep, and because of this the glow of the face gradually disappears. Apart from this, it also makes the face lifeless, due to which the dark spots fall under the eyes and the dryness comes on the face, due to which the riskiness lines start appearing.

insufficiency of water
In cold days, people reduce water intake, but urine goes back often and there is a shortage of water in the body. Due to this, the moisture of the body is reduced rapidly and the problem of rusty skin increases.

Spend more time in the sun
People spend too much time in the cold days to enjoy the sunshine. This sunny day is very much appreciable, but because of this, the layer of frozen Oil on the body dries up and dryness starts to suffer.

Measures to overcome the problem of dryness

To avoid the discomfort of dry skin, drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily and drink two teaspoons of almond oil in warm milk before sleeping at night.

Police in Aloe Vera is very helpful in making Moisture in the skin. Applying aloe vera gel on the body is of great benefit.

Apply honey paste about 10 minutes before bathing and take bath after this. This keeps moisture in the body and protects against the problem of dryness.

Rose water moisturizes the body and maintains freshness. When going out of the house, massage the rose water on the body, it will be beneficial.

Ginger contains phytochemicals which contain antioxidant properties which protect skin from free radical damage. Grinding ginger is useful in mixing it with rose water.

Mix curd and sugar together and massage the body and after 10 to 15 minutes, wash it. This leads to freshness in lifeless cells.

Trouble in the cold days is quite common, due to which the blood starts bleeding and slowly it becomes wound. To overcome this problem, it is useful to apply the bananas to the mas.

During the freezing days, they did not come out without any protection. Cover the face while you’re out and use moisturizing cream.

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