World’s Richest Person Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie are divorcing

World's Richest Person Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie are divorcing

Amazon company CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife McKenzie Bezos is going to divorce each other. Both of them had been married for 25 years. Both have issued a joint statement on Twitter in this regard. In this statement it has been written, “After long periods of love with each other and then after experiencing distances for some time, we have decided to divorce each other. We both will be good friends. “Recently, Amazon company had a great achievement of its name. Amazon became the world’s most valued company, surpassing Microsoft. 54 years old Jeff started the Amazon company 25 years ago. Jeff tops the list of rich people in Bloomberg. They have a total property of $ 137 billion.

This is about 45 billion dollars more than Bill Gates.

Both shared release statement
On the other hand, 48-year-old McKenzie is a writer. He has written two books. Which included The Testing of Luthor in 2005 and traps that came in 2013. In his shared statement, the couple wrote, “We both consider ourselves very lucky that we got together with each other. We are grateful for each other’s heart, for we have spent so many years together after marriage. “

“We have lived a wonderful life together. We cherish our future dreams as married couples, we have played our respective roles as good parents, friends, and companions. Worked together on many projects in which we had a lot of fun. “Now even though the name of our relationship will change but still we will be a family, we will be very good friends of each other. ” The couple started a charity program. The name of this program was The Day One. The purpose of this program was to help homeless families and build schools for poor children.

Jeff and McKenzie have four children. Three boys and one adopted girl. In 2013, McKenzie told Vogue magazine that he had met Jeff during a job interview. Jeff was taking interviews at that time. After spending three months with each other, he married in 1993. A year later, Jeff started the Amazon company. At that time, only books were sold online on Amazon. Gradually this company was expanding and it became the world’s largest e-commerce company. This week when America’s stock market was closed on Monday, Amazon’s total value was $ 797 billion, while at the same time the price of Microsoft was $ 789 billion.

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