Why is the 3rd Test match between India and Australia being called Boxing Day Test

Why is the 3rd Test match between India and Australia being called Boxing Day Test

Ind Vs Aus 3rd Test Match: December 26th In Australia, a test match begins most of the day. This match is always called the Boxing Day Test Match. There is no such thing as ‘Test match of December 26’ in the popular culture of cricket. Every such test match is called ‘Boxing Day Test Match’. The question is, when sports are being played cricket and cricket is a ‘Gentlemen’s Game’ then where did ‘boxing’ come from and why is Test match started on December 26 called the Boxing Day Test match? And how is it played in Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia?

First of all, it should be understood that this boxing has nothing to do with boxing.

Actually, it has all connections from Christmas. Christmas gifts from Christmas Gifts that are given in a box the next day of Christmas. Actually, family members and friends and friends of Christmas gifts are gifted on December 25, but those who are outside will receive gifts on December 26 or if there is a weekend after Christmas, on the first working day. Are there.

Think of it as a Holi meeting that starts in the evening by playing colors in the afternoon, eating food and sleeping. This is not the case in the city but in villages still going to the house of the Random people, there is a practice of getting Holi by eating and eating Holi. This is the next day at Christmas and this is the reason why December is December 26. According to the old English practice, whatever is the first weekday (ie any day between Monday to Friday) after Christmas, it is Boxing Day and on this day there are gifts to the posters, workmen, bringers The Christmas box was given. From here onwards, it was called Boxing Day. Afterward, just a change was made that the workday and weekend were abandoned and Boxed Day was confirmed on December 26.

A test match was played on 26 December in the year 1975. The West Indies team led by Clive Lloyd came to Australia. This test match is remembered in such a way that Jeff Thompson, who shared the new ball with Dennis Lillee, found his lost rhythm and took 5 wickets in 11 overs. Apart from this, Dennis Lillee bowled Viv Richards on the last ball of the day.

To see this match, 85,596 people were present in the stadium on the first day. So many people have never seen the first day of the Test together before. And here, for the first time, Boxing-Day and Cricket’s alliance has succeeded.

A small greed Greed to tell an episode of this Boxing Day Test match and Jeff Thompson – before the series, Jeff Thompson bet with a West Indian businessman. The condition was that who would take more wickets in Jeff and West Indies fast bowler Andy Roberts. After the first two test matches, Jeff had only 4 wickets. On the last day of the second Test match, he got news that his roommate and his close friend, Martin Bedkobar, died of a ball near the heart while playing a grade match. Third, that is Jeff Thompson taking 5 wickets in the first innings of the Boxing Day Test match. He finished the series with 29 wickets and won the bet with the West Indian Businessman. Jeff’s bowling was so dangerous that on the first day of the Boxing Day Test match, Lawrence Roe was playing quietly whistling at Games Peeppel (Joe South’s song) while batting. When Viv Richards asked him if he was not whistling, he said, “When Jeff Thompson is throwing you such a ball, then you can not think of doing so because you are not even able to see the ball. And when he is coming towards you, you do not have enough time to play whistle. “

In 1979, under the leadership of Keri Pekar, Channel 9 bought rights to broadcast cricket in Australia. There were sudden money and revolution in cricket. Australia was visible as a center of cricket. In such a case, Melbourne cached the spot and began to compensate the missing units from the city through games. This city was previously played in Australia Open, Melbourne Cup and AAFL Grand Finals.

In the Test match played against England in 2013, there were 91,112 spectators in the stadium on the Boxing Day (i.e. the first day of the match). This is a record so far. For the match between India and Australia on December 26, 2018, there is a great possibility of a large number of spectators coming to see the series’s intensity.

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