Why is celebrating the New Year only on January 1

Why is celebrating the New Year only on January 1

New Year’s celebration is being celebrated on January 1 in the world. But have you ever wondered why the month of January is the first month or why the year starts from January.? Indeed, according to the Roman calendar, January is the first month of the year. This calendar was started by Roman emperor Julius Caesar 2,000 years ago. But you can not give credit to Julius Caesar only, which can be attributed to the Gregorian thirteenth Pope. In fact, January was an important month in the ancient Roman world, because it was named after the god Jens.

According to Roman traditions, Jenas is said to be the God of two faces, that is, “the beginning and the end”. Professor Diana Spencer of the University of Birmingham, England, explains, “It is related to looking at both the front and back together, and it can also say that there is a chance in the year when there is a decision, then we start from here can do.” This thing seems logical to be made in the first month of January. This is the same time when the length of days in Europe begins to grow after dusk.

Professor Spencer explains, “In Rome, these days were better understood because the days were dark and dark, and the cold weather in which nothing had yielded. But the reflection of those days was present.” As the Roman Empire became powerful, they started spreading their calendars.

Christianity versus Roman:
But when the Roman Empire collapsed in medieval times, the dominance of Christianity began to grow in the world. Countries which had the dominance of Christianity, they wanted to celebrate the new year on March 25. The reason for the Roman Catholic beliefs was that the special envoy Gabriel had sent a message to Virgin Mary on this day that he had to give birth to Jesus. Spencer explains, “Christmas was celebrated when Christ was born, but it was only in March that Mary was about to give birth to the new incarnation of God, this was the time from which the story of Jesus began. It was the right time to celebrate the new year. “

When was the new year in Britain?
But in the 16th century, Pope Gregory XIII started the Gregorian calendar and made the first day of the year on January 1 and it became valid even in Roman Catholic countries. But Britain refused to obey the Pope, and by 1752 UK residents used to celebrate New Year on March 25. Years ago Brexit was agreed in 1752 in the Parliament of England that Britain would have to go with the rest of the European countries at the beginning of the new year and after that, there was also a new year celebration on January 1.

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