Why did the cabaret dance in old films

Why did the cabaret dance in old films

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the program that you were waiting for now starts now, sit down and relax, the profession is famous Hindustan’s famous cabaret dancer, One and Two Only One … Monica.”

This dialogue of the 1971 film Caravan tells how in which movies were the introduction of Helen and her cabaret dance in the royal style. After this introduction, the movie comes in Helen’s cabaret which is still the life of dance parties – ‘Piya Tu … ab to aaja’. Richa Cabaret is playing a dancer in Richa Chadha and cricketer Sreesanth’s new movie Cabaret. Cabaret dance was essential in Hindi cinema in the ’50s and ’60s. Helen, Jayshree T, Bindu, Aruna Irani, Padma Khanna – all these actors who became famous for cabaret in movies. Seeing the cabaret, even before Helen in Hindi films, Kuku of Anglo-Indian Origin was well-known for his dance in the 40s and 50s- whether it was Raj Kapoor’s stroll and rain or Mahbub Khan.

Deepa, the founder of the music website The Songpedia, reminds that the song “Mr. and Mrs 55” is a song from ‘Geeta Dutt’s voice and OP Nayyar’s music’, ‘Neele Aasmani Boojho to ye Naina Baabu Kiske Liye Hai’. It is Madhubala in this song, but the presence of Kuku, which is cabaret in the song, is not less favorable.

Cabaret Queen Helen
Kuku only gave Helen a chance in films when Helen was only 12 -13 years old. Helen used to dance in the Korus behind Kuku. Helen emerged as the most famous cabaret dancer in Kuku’s Shagirdi Whether in 1969, as a club dancer Rita, in a light-hearted rendition of ‘Karle Pyar Karle Ki Din Hai Yahi’, or in 1978, Don’s sister-in-law who uses Cabaret to woo Don (Amitabh) ‘Ye Mera Dil, Pyaar Ka Deewana’. Caravan’s ‘Piya Tu Ab to Aajaa’ is a cabaret or a helicopter or an odd one, ‘There is no one to come tonight’, hey Helen. The flexibility of gorgeous, bright clothes and gaudy make-up, special lattice stocking and cabaret on it. It was Helen’s specialty.

The cabaret was moving the story
The cabaret dance was made in the story of the films of the 50-60s. Deepa of The Songpiadi says that this is a big difference in today’s item number and then in the cabaret. Like the 1971 film Katy Kite, Bindu’s hit cabaret- ‘Mera Naam Hai Shabnam, Pyaar Se Log Mujhe Kahte Hai Shabbo’. Asha Parekh and Rajesh Khanna are also seen in the actress Bindu where the cabaret performs, and through the cabaret, the dot hope tells Parekh the gestures that she knows the dark truth of her life. And the story continues to grow.

Bindu, Jayashree, and Aruna Irani’s Cabaret
The Point of a Point is that he also got a name in the cabaret. Whether in 1973, in the film Unhoni, ‘Maine Hotho Se Lagai To Hungama Ho Gaya’, or Zanjeer’s Mona Darling when she sings ‘Dil Jalon Ka Dil Jala Ke’ in front of Amitabh. Or, Jayashree Talpade, who became known as Jayashree Talpade. Like, in 1971 Shalmali was filmed at Jayshree and in the voice of Asha Bhosle, the cabaret sung ‘Reshmi Ujala Hai Makhmali Andhera’. It is also very easy to take Aruna Irani’s name here. Later, he started appearing in character characters, but in the ’70s, he got a lot of popularity through cabaret, like ‘Dilbar Dil Se Pyare’, a caravan song.

RD Burman and Nayyar
Music expert Pawan Kumar Jha believed Helen Cabaret to be the best ambassador while Asha Bhosle and Geeta Dutt sang the best cabaret. According to him, along with SD and RD Burman, OP Nayyar has probably given the best music in cabaret songs. In the movie’s cabaret of its own country ‘Duniya Mai Logo Ko Dhoka Kahi Ho Jaata Hai’, then the music is given by RD, sang with Asha Bhosle. As far as the cabaret is concerned, Lata has sung fewer cabrees. Here is the cabaret ‘Aaa Jaane Jaa’ exception which is sung by Helen, which is sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

Cabaret and vamp knot
From Sharmila Tagore to many cinemas, many heroines have done cabre. In 1967, Evening In Paris, Sharmila Tagore seems to be wearing cabaret in Zuby Zuby. But in that period, cabaret often used to be part of the film’s vamp or villain. Or where the woman is worn or shows Western. Like ‘Husn Ke Lakhon Rang’ filmed on Padma Khanna However, by the ’80s, cabaret mood changed. Heroine’s like Parveen Bobby and Zeenat Aman were completely different from the image of the ideal woman who had heroin in the 50s and 60s. Here the heroes could not even play cables. According to Pawan Kumar Jha, it was natural to see Parveen Bobby as a heroine for ‘Jawani Janeman’ (Namak Halal) or ‘Sanam Tum Jahan Mera Dil Wahan’ (Kaalia). Or, in the Great Gambler, Zeenat Aman’s ‘Rakkasa Mera Naam’.

Item Song vs Cabaret
As the music changed in the ’90s, the cabaret began to disappear when the decade came Pawan Kumar Jha explains that in 1992, a cabaret was shot on Silk Smita in Ram Gopal Varma’s Drohi. This was probably the last cabaret of Asha Bhosle with RD Burman. Since 2000, item song began to play such that cabaret dance was ejected. Neither in the story of the movie nor in the cabaret space left in the music Item number probably replaced Cabaret – songs that have nothing to do with the story as cabaret. Yes, occasionally one-third cabaret is sure to be seen, like Parineeta, ‘Kaisi Paheli Hai Ye Zindagani’ or ‘Gunday’ in the movie, Priyanka Chopra.

The round of cabaret
There was no doubt that cabaret was believed to be a reliable way of pulling the viewer at the box office; in these songs sex appeal and sensuality were met. But it is also true that as a form of music and dance, cabaret was considered a special art in Hindi films. Even while living in the cabaret, many emotions could have been done. For instance, Pawan Kumar Jha, referring to Helen’s spy Jitendra, who cabarets in Bond 303, tells Jitendra a complete map of his floor like a Google cabaret. – “Mahim Ke Aage Jo Pull Hai Uske Bayne Tu Mud Jaana, Aage Fir Thodi Unchai Hai, Kone Mai Hai Maikhana” Or the cabaret of the 1978 film ‘Hiralal Pannalal’, in which a father meets the barbed daughter, Zeenat Aman, again when he is doing a sad Cabaret, as he goes and goes to a movie Dharma in 1973, in which The five cabaret dancers were seen together – Helen, Jayshree, Bindu, Sonia and Faryal.

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