Vegetarian or Nonveg – What to eat to prevent climate change

Vegetarian or Nonveg - What to eat to prevent climate change

Recent research has found that to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) the most effective method is to avoid the products related to meat and milk. But how serious is the effect of eating beef or chicken? If a plate potato chips are eaten instead of eating a dish made from a bowl of rice or rice, will there be less greenhouse gas emissions for the environment? Is it a good choice for a warm environment than beer? By using the calculator below, you can find out how much the account or drink you eat affects the climate. In this, you can learn about the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by 34 types of food items.

According to a University of Oxford research, a fourth of the greenhouse in the environment comes from food production and it is a major contributor to global warming. However, researchers have found that different types of foods have different effects on the environment. According to the findings in research, nearly half of the greenhouse gas emissions from food is due to meat or other carnivorous food. But with such food items, we get only one-fifth of the calories from the total food. Among the foods analyzed in research, beef and lamb were found to be the most harmful to the environment.

How designed calculator?
Oxford University researcher Joseph Poor and Zurich K Thomas Namesake of Switzerland’s Agrochemistry and Environment Research Division of Zurich gather information about foods that are liked in different parts of the world. They tried 40 of these food items and tried to know about their effect on the environment. They researched the effect of these foods on greenhouse gases that warmed the earth’s atmosphere or assisted in climate change. At the same time, they also saw how much ground and clean water is used in the total production. For this, he analyzed the collected information about the packaging of 40,000 forms, 1,600 food production centers, foodstuffs. Floods and Namesake also tried to know how the food production methods and the climate affect the earth at different places.

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