Those 15 days of November, when it was shocked Islam

Those 15 days of November, when it was shocked Islam

39 years ago there was an incident in the history of Saudi Arabia in the month of November, which rocked Islam for 15 days.

This was the incident where the Salafi group took the mosque’s mosque to the most sacred place in its possession.

Hundreds of people died in this incident.

According to the Islamic calendar on November 20, 1979, the first date of the year 1400 was.

Thousands of Haj pilgrims from India and abroad were waiting in the evening at the Mecca Masjid for prayers.

This mosque is made around Kabra, the most sacred place of Islam.

Mosque al-Haram is the holiest mosque of Islam

Mosque al-Haram is the holiest mosque of Islam

When the prayers came to an end, about 200 people dressed in white clothes, got automatic weapons.

Some of them stood beside the Imam. As soon as the prayers ended, he took the mosque’s mike in his possession.

After this Mike was announced, “We announce the arrival of the Mahdi, which will bring justice and fairness to this land full of injustice and atrocities.”

According to Islamic beliefs, the Mahdi is the redeemer who will destroy the evil while ruling before the doom.

People thought that it was the beginning of the Day of Judgment.

During that time there was also a young Muslim religious student who came to Haj. He had given his experience in such a manner, “After the prayer, some people removed the microphone and started talking, they said that the Mahdi has come. People were glad that the protector came, they were gladly saying – Akbar.”

Mosque is built around Kaaba

The mosque is built around Kaaba

These weapons clusters were highly radical Sunni Muslim Salafis. He was leading the young Saudi campaigner of Badu origin Geumann al-Otaibi.

Meanwhile, the speakers of the mosque were announced that the Mahadhi was between them.

Meanwhile, a man from the group of fighters turned towards the crowd. This man was – Muhammad Abdullah al-Qahtani

It was said to the mosque, This is the Mahdi which was waiting for everyone to come.

In front of everyone, Jumayam also paid respect to Mohammad Abdullah (the so-called Mahdi) so that the rest of the people would also be respected.

Occupation and conflict

Meanwhile, another student Abdul Mune Sultan went inside the mosque to see what was going on.

He had told the situation in such a way that, “People were amazed, for the first time they saw someone with guns in Haram. This happened for the first time, they were scared.”

In the meantime, the gambler asked the fighters to completely stop the mosque. Many Haj pilgrims were taken hostage inside.

After this, the snipers were deployed to the minarets who were ready to fight the ‘enemies of the misdeeds’.

They considered Saudi forces corrupt, immoral and connected to the West.

So when the police came to see what was happening, the fighters fired on them.

In this way, the mosque was captured.

This is the picture of January 1979, the mosque was captured in November this year.

This is the picture of January 1979, the mosque was captured in November this year.

The strategy of Saudi Arabia

At that time American diplomat Mark Gregory Hamley was posted as a Political Officer in the US Embassy in Jeddah.

He had told that the attacking fighters had many good and automatic weapons, and for this reason, they caused a lot of harm.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia banned the broadcast or publication of news of the capture of the mosque.

Only a few people knew who had captured the mosque and why.

On the other hand, Habelley was receiving information from an American helicopter pilot, who was flying over the city with Saudi security forces.

According to Habeli, the Saudi National Guard, of course, bravely tried to run the campaign but they did not succeed and many died.

After this, the Saudi administration sent thousands of soldiers and special forces to Maqwa to take control of the mosque again. Heavy weapons were deployed and army fighter aircraft flew above.

Heavy loss

Meanwhile, the royal family of Saudi Arabia sought religious leaders permission to use force inside the mosque.

But in the next days, the battle became more and more intense. The Saudi forces consistently attacked many and damaged a large part of the mosque.



The number of people who died was also in hundreds. Eyewitnesses said that there was a noise of blasts and blasts in half-an-hour intervals and it continued till the evening.

Saudi helicopters were cruising above the scene and then the targets were mounted with the help of cannons.

According to the assumptions, if Mohammad Abdullah al-Qahtani was really a Muslim, he would not have died.

But Abdul Mune Sultan says that he saw Qahtani lifting the weapons of the dead or injured fighters and reaching out to those who do not have weapons or whose bullets were extinguished.

“On the second day, I saw two wounds under the eye of the QA, and the clothes were torn, maybe they thought that they were a miserable and they would not have anything, so they were roaming anywhere.”

Abdul Mune Sultan had the chance to see the gambling too closely.

“We took shelter behind Kaaba, she was safe, she slept in my lap for half an hour, her wife remained with her till when the fight became deep, she took her place of arms and arms and went to her companions.”

Meanwhile, Saudi security forces came to the mosque and took control in the first floor.

To escape, the fighters got behind and went to the basement. From there they kept fighting night and day with darkness.

Many people were taken hostage inside

Many people were taken hostage inside

A man who was a man who told himself a fierce battle between a fierce battle and a huge firing was injured, but according to the belief, the Mahdi could not have been injured.

Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani was shot on the other floor when he was on the floor. People started shouting- Mahdi is a junkie, Mahdi is injured.

Some people went towards him to save them but due to heavy firing, they had to retreat.

Some people came down and went to the gaolan and said that the Mahdi was hurt. When he heard this, the accused said to the fighters fighting with him- Do not believe in these things, they are Bhagora.

French campaign

Pakistan had sent a team of commandos to Saudi Arabia to help the mosque to finish the occupation. On the other hand, some French commandos also came under Saudi Arabia for the secret campaign so that they could advise Saudi security forces and help them through equipment and so on.

It was planned that gas should be used to evacuate the fighters hidden in the underground part.

A man in that part of the basement had described his experience in such a manner, “There was so much heat and stink inside. It was like the fire burning, the wounds, the decomposition of the dead. It seemed that death had spread over us. I do not know how we got saved. “

After two weeks the remaining survivors surrendered. The crisis took place from November 20 to December 1979.

63 people were hanged by Saudi Arabia, among them the gamblers were also involved. The rest were put in jail

Juhman ibr Muhammad

Juman ibr Muhammad

Subsequently, the Saudi administration published a picture of the body of the so-called Mahdi.

Due to this fight, the mosque was badly damaged, hundreds were killed and about one thousand people were injured.

Of course, the mosque was damaged but maize was not damaged.

After the battle was over, a man watching the mosque had narrated it to Manjar in this way, “Seeing the condition of the mosque, I was squeezed as a cigarette. How can this holy mosque be damaged by Islam? This mosque can turn into a battlefield. “

After this incident, the Saudi royal family tried to create a more radical Islamic image. For this, he made many changes and promoted jihad.

Due to this development in the mosque’s mosque, new generations of Wahhabis have got inspiration in the coming years.

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