This year’s launch will be the first rollable TV, it can be folded

This year's launch will be the first rollable TV, it can be folded

International Desk: Before the start of the world’s largest consumer electronics show (CES 2019) in Las Vegas, the South Korean electronics company LG has launched the world’s first rollable TV. LG has launched this TV in the OLED TV-R series. It can be used in three ways. The sale of this TV will be started from this year. However, the company has not yet made any explanation about its prices.

The 65 inch TV can be seen wherever you want and where you want it. This TV can also be hidden when you want it. This TV can also be folded like a poster. The prototype of this TV was released last year in CES.

It can be used by these three types:

1 – Full view – OLED TV is visible throughout this mode.

2 – Line view – According to the company, most of the TV in this mode will be within a speaker box and only a part of it appears out. It will display an icon like music, clock, frame, home dashboard, and mood.

3 – Zero view – In this mode, the TV is completely inside the speaker box and does not see any part of it. However, in this mode, the user can listen to music or audio content.

Alexa and Siri can also be controlled by the TV:

4 – According to the company, this TV has been made according to the needs of the people. Because people do not want to have a big black box as TV. The company said in the show that the OLED TV can be ordered and controlled by Amazonian’s Alexa Voice Assistant.

5 – According to the company, Alexa can be activated by pressing the button on the primary video on the TV remote, and we can see the content of the prime video on TV.

6 – Apart from this, the company has also given Apple AirPlay Video, Audio, and Homokit Integration to this TV. The company said that using AirPlay 2, users can play photo, video or audio on their TV through their Apple Devices, iTunes or other video-audio apps. Along with amateur support, the user can control LG TV’s home app or Siri.

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