The withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, will the Taliban return

The withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, will the Taliban return

According to the American media, the US administration is planning to remove thousands of troops from Afghanistan. According to the anonymous officer in the report, nearly half of the soldiers in Afghanistan (about 7,000) can return to their home in the next few months. This report came a day after US President Donald Trump announced the removal of troops from Syria. Earlier on Thursday, Trump’s Defense Minister Jim Matis announced his resignation from his post. In his resignation, General Matisse strongly indicated the political differences with President Trump but said nothing about the return of troops.

Before the election, Trump repeatedly talked about leaving Afghanistan. But last year he indicated that in order to stop the Taliban’s growing influence in Afghanistan, the US will retain its troops indefinitely there. A large number of reports from the return of troops from Afghanistan came on Thursday, but US Defense officials have not confirmed it. Afghan officials insisted that they are not concerned about the withdrawal of American troops.

Presidential spokesman Harun Chukansori told the BBC Afghan Service, “The fact is that they are few thousand foreign soldiers whose role is mainly in consultant and technical assistance, they will go, this will not affect the security situation.” He said, “Since 2014, the entire responsibility of security matters has been of Afghan security forces.” However, US military reports show that Taliban control over a large area of Afghanistan – while the study of the BBC found that the Taliban were active in 70% of the country’s area.

What is the American story in Afghanistan?
The US has been present in Afghanistan since 2001. Since the September 11 attacks – the longest war in American history. When the Taliban, who controlled Afghanistan, refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to the leader of the attack, then US President George W. Bush carried out a military campaign to locate bin, Laden. In this attack, the Taliban lost the power of Afghanistan. After waiting for nearly 10 years, Osama bin Laden met in Pakistan and on 2 May 2011 Abbasabad in Jalalabad killed bin Laden by American Navy Seal Commando. Officially, the US-led war campaign in Afghanistan ended in 2014. But since then there has been a lot of increase in Taliban strength and their reach also increased. Therefore, in the wake of an effort to stabilize Afghanistan in the United States, the US kept its troops there. Donald Trump announced in September 2017 that there would send 3,000 additional soldiers to the US, which was in contradiction to their earlier statements.

What’s the reaction?
It was reported in the Washington Post that Trump had taken this decision despite opposition from some senior cabinet officials, including US Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Advisor John Bolton. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that the danger of 9/11 can increase with the return of soldiers.

Did Mattis give up due to resignation?
It’s hard to say. It’s hard to say. MichaelĀ Kugelman, deputy director of South Asia at Wilson Center, said that removing soldiers from Afghanistan could be a reason, but it is likely that the main reason for this is to remove soldiers from Syria. However, the general’s resignation may have a major impact on the Afghan policy of the Trump administration. Michael Kuggalman said, “He was the only senior officer in the Trump Administration who used to advocate the presence of American soldiers in Afghanistan.” “Now that General Matisz has resigned, Trump will have to oppose his decision to bring back the American soldiers.”

What is the situation of violence now in Afghanistan?
According to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (Cigar) of the United States, the Taliban control over Afghanistan has increased in the last few months. According to the Quarterly Report of the Cigar, the Afghan government has control over 55.5 percent of the country’s area, since its beginning to track this data from 2015, it is at its lowest level. MichaelĀ Kugelman said that violence in Afghanistan has reached ‘dangerous level’. He said, “The increasing level of violence has been described as a rapidly growing Taliban violence … and reflects the weak position of Afghan security forces.”

What will be the effect of the withdrawal of US troops?
Michael Kuggalman says that its effect can be devastating and there can be large-scale violence that can be a big advantage for the Taliban. He says, “This will be the victory of the Taliban Propaganda because he can claim that he has succeeded in ousting the American soldiers without a peace accord.” This will also be a psychological blow to Afghan soldiers, they have fought a lot there, so this decision will be disappointing for them. But for those who support the withdrawal of soldiers, it will be the end of America’s long struggle on foreign soil. Since its beginnings, about twenty-three hundred Americans have been killed.

Taliban rise in Afghanistan
The Taliban first emerged in the 90s on the map of Afghanistan. At that time the country was in the grip of a fierce civil war. All the powerful commanders had their own armies. All were fighting the battle for power in the country. Journalist Ahmed Rashid, who is deeply educated on Afghanistan, says that when he heard the name of the Taliban, he was shocked. In his mind, the questions were raised which people suddenly became so powerful? Rashid has been reporting on the situation in Afghanistan for several decades. He says, “When I first heard his name in the nineties, he was shocked. I knew every fighter in Afghanistan But the Taliban’s name was never heard before. “But, suddenly, the Taliban became very strong in Afghanistan. He also waged war with the other fighters for the possession of the country’s power. They were winning on every front.

The Taliban promised to the people that they will liberate the country from such fighters. Within a few months, they forced the fighters of a large part of southern Afghanistan to put weapons in them. Taliban were getting arms from Pakistan The new thing about the Taliban was that the Islamic ideology he had had not been heard before in Afghanistan. But, since he was giving peace and lasting authority to the people of Afghanistan troubled by war, the Taliban started to meet local cabs too. Ahmed Rashid points out that once he won village, Kabul reached Taliban’s capital Kabul. After the two-year siege, they captured the capital in 1996. On coming to power, the Taliban did the first thing that President Najibullah was hanged completely. Ahmed Rashid explains that soon Taliban police had started regulating their rule. The women were banned from leaving the house. His studies were freed. The Taliban soon banned songs, dances, kites, and beards in the country.

Taliban policeman punished the breaker of the rules. Many times people were cut off to their hands and feet. Soon the fear and hate environment surrounding them became nationwide. But his hold on power was very strong. Following this, after the 9/11 attacks in the United States, there was a halt after the action taken in Afghanistan in the United States. When the US attacked Afghanistan, within a few weeks the Taliban were defeated. The Taliban lost power but it did not destroy the Taliban.

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