The five bands of cricket that make 2018 witnesses

#1. The year that Australia will never forget:
If 2018 will be remembered most for anyone dispute, then what will it be? Yakikan’s controversy is that of ball tampering by Australia’s players. The third series of series was going on in Newlands in South Africa. On March 24, 2018, after the third day of the match, TV cameras saw the one that has never been seen so openly. Australian teammate Cameron Bjrroft was rubbing the ball with a rough tape on one side. Then she saw that yellow tape hid in her lowercase. The umpires seized that tape. The world of cricket shakes. The day ended with the fury that Australia could fall to any level to win. Press conference happened. Team captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner Both were held responsible for ball-tampering. Australia’s image was discounted Smith and Warner took twelve months and a 9 month banner on Bankroft. Cricket Australia claimed that he would take full care of the game spirit. Without Smith and Warner, Australia’s team got weak While Bancroft’s 9-month ban is over, Smith and Warner can return to the team in March.

Cameron Bancroft was using these tape to spoil the ball's shine

Cameron Bancroft was using these tape to spoil the ball’s shine

#2. Struggling trust on cricket:
The second most discussed issue of the year was a match-fixing match. International news channel Al-Jazeera released the video in October as a sting operation. In this sting called Cricket Match Fixers, between 2011 and 2012, most of the matches between England, Australia and Pakistan were claimed to be spot-fixing. Also in the second part were claims of pitch fixing in Sri Lanka. That is, the pitch becomes according to the fixers. In this video of Al Jazeera, it was told that two times out of four were pitch tempers of Sri Lanka’s Galle Stadium and in 2016 Chennai-Pitch was fixed in the last Test of India-England series. Many of these international cricketers were claimed in the entire Nexus and the rumors of the name of Australia’s Glenn Maxwell started flying. This investigation of Aljazeera started to create an atmosphere that all matches are fixed and the teams play at the behest of fixers.

This documentary has stirred the credibility of cricket

This documentary has stirred the credibility of cricket

#3 When Bangladesh became a serpent:
In 2018, a cricket event was the most prominent headlines. It has become very popular on social media. It happened that the Nidahas Trophy was being played in Sri Lanka in March. Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh were playing in this T20 trophy here. It was semi-final between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In a very exciting encounter, Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka in the last over and reached the finals. Then the Nagin started dancing on the whole Bangladeshi team ground. Celebrating a team like this on the field is Akhara because during the match there was a fight between Bengali batsman Nurul Hassan and Sri Lankan Thisara Perera, on which Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan threatened to leave the match with the team. was. Nagin dance became very viral. Make a lot of fun on social media. In the last, Bangladesh lost to India in the final. But in this series, different competitions were seen between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh had fooled her with this act

Bangladesh had fooled her with this act

#4. Kohli said: Leave the country:
The whole country celebrates the captain’s talents and new records. Kohli’s passion for cricket and passion for victory is worth seeing. But between that Virat Kohli’s side, such a statement, or say that his attitudes were exposed, so his loved ones were hurt. The official mobile application of Kohli launched in November. In this regard, he was responding to questions and comments of his fans on social media. Meanwhile, a cricket fan wrote that “Kohli is an over-rated batsman and I personally do not feel special about his batting. I enjoy watching English and Australian batsmen more than the Indians. Kohli replied in an angry manner – “Well, I think you should not stay in India again. Go somewhere else and stay there Why are you living in our country when you like other countries? No matter you do not like me, but I think that you should live in our country and should like other things. Correct your priorities. “Kohli’s response was discussed very well. People reminded Kohli that he also likes Herschelle Gibbs and AB de Villiers of South Africa. Along with many, it reminded Kohli that which foreign brands they advertise. If he does not like a cricket fan then it does not mean that he should leave the country. Perhaps Kohli himself did not understand the meaning of his statement.

Kohli said - Leave the country

Kohli said – Leave the country

#5. Fighting in Women’s Cricket:
In 2018, Indian Women’s Cricket also saw a bigger ball. In November, the team was playing the T20 World Cup by visiting the West Indies. The team was playing in the captaincy of Harmanpreet Kaur and the team reached the semi-finals. There was a match with England and if these wins, then Team India would reach the finals. But the team’s batting did not go here and they all got out on 112. In reply, England easily won the match. The controversy arose over why the team’s most experienced player Mitali Raj was not fed even after being perfectly fit and in the form. Harmanpreet and coach Ramesh Powar were surrounded on this. Later, Mithali himself came out openly and said that Ramesh Powar was raising questions about his team and questioning his game. On the contrary, Powar also described Mitali as a player and considered himself to be a player above the team. Now the disaster in India was caused because we were out of the T20 World Cup.

After this controversy, the team coach W.V Raman has been made

After this controversy, the team coach W.V Raman has been made

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