The first train between India-Nepal rode on track in December

The first train between India-Nepal rode on track in December

New Delhi / Kathmandu: There are four rail lines proposed between India and Nepal, from which one such line is to connect Raxaul of Bihar to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

The first passenger train that runs between India and Nepal is likely to run on tracks in December this year. These trains will run from Jainagar in Bihar to Kurbacha in south-east Nepal’s Dhanusha district. For this, an immigration check post will also be made at the Jayanagar station, where people of the Immigration Department or people of Bihar Government will be deployed. According to the information received, citizens of India and Nepal who are coming here from here, will not need a visa.

Although the first train passenger train will be but Nepal says that they want to pass both passenger trains and goods train on this route. This move of India is being described as a breakthrough in China’s move to establish China Rail Network with Nepal. When China decided that it would bring its rail network to Kathmandu, India offered a proposal to lay new railway lines to Nepal during Nepal’s PM KP Sharma Oli’s visit to Nepal.

There are proposals for four rail lines between India and Nepal, of which Raxaul of Bihar has to be connected to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, with a similar line. The Jainagar-Kirtha railway line was constructed by the British, with the help of Nepal’s work to bring wood carts to India. At that time, the railway line of Bijalpura in Nepal from Jainagar of Bihar was 52 kilometers long.

This project of 5.5 trillion rupees (8.8 trillion Nepalese rupees) has been divided into three parts. In its first part, there is a 34-kilometer long line from Jaynagar to Kirtha; in the second, an 18-kilometer rail line is to be constructed from Kartha to Motihari and in the third, a 17-kilometer line is being constructed from Bhangha in Bihar to Bhadribas of Nepal. Only three kilometers of this entire project is on the land of India.

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