The beginning of a bad time for Facebook is 2019

The beginning of a bad time for Facebook is 2019

The year 2018: Good time for Facebook has passed.

The year 2019: The beginning of the bad times of Facebook.

Over the past year, we see many charges on Facebook. We heard and read that Facebook is selling personal data of its users. In this regard, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to appear before the US Senate for question-answer. Facebook also accepted its mistakes and promised them not to repeat it again. However, among all the futures, people could have taken the Facebook book in their mind and then went home. Overall, the year 2018 has been a good time since Facebook has been running for a long time. It is now believed that in the year 2019 it will be the beginning of its bad times.

Facebook can take on Penalty:
It is believed that in the next 12 months, Facebook can be stiff Zurman. Ireland’s Data Protection Committee announced in December that they are about to begin investigating against Facebook. Apart from this, many countries have admitted that the personal data of their citizens on Facebook is not secure. It can have serious consequences for Facebook. Kate Colleri, director of the International Association of Privacy Practitioners (IAPP) said, “Our main objective is to adopt the right methods to prevent such disorder. And if this is not enough, then we will go to the administrative level. ” In other words, the decision of this committee can be very costly to Facebook. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has said in this regard that if the company’s mistake proves, then 4 percent of its global earnings can be recovered as Penalty. From this point of view, Zurman can be more than the US $ 150 million on Facebook.

The difficulties are even more…
Difficulties for Facebook are not going to end here. Apart from investigations in Ireland, the Federal Trade Committee of America (FCT) is also conducting an investigation on Facebook based on the agreement made in 2011. As part of this agreement, Facebook has promised that it will take the consent of the person before receiving any personal data or sharing it with anyone else. Facebook has said on several occasions that it did not violate this agreement. Despite this, FCT wants to investigate further on this issue. If this committee found in its investigation that Facebook has violated the agreement then it could be subjected to very high reprehension. According to the agreement, the number of days it has been infringed upon this would have to be fined the US $ 40 thousand per day according to the agreement. Not only this, this Penalty will grow with every user. Only in America, there are 8 million users on Facebook. Accordingly, Facebook may face a fine of 300 million US Dollars. Although the possibilities of this are low, because FCT does not have to destroy an American company. He just wants to stop the mischief of that company. In an interview with the Washington Post, FCT Director David Waldek said that Penalty money on Facebook could go up to $ 1 billion.

The possibility of book sharing:
Many countries agree that Facebook is a very big company with the infinite power of social media. By the way, Mark Zuckerberg had said in the US Senate that he had many opponents. But he did not name those rivals. Broadly, there is no other company standing in front of Facebook in the social media. Facebook has taken ownership of Whatsapp and Instagram. And if another company tries to get into the social media world then Facebook also buys it. According to the New Statesman Magazine, Facebook can prepare to divide its company into different parts.

Primarily Facebook can be divided into these four parts under the supervision of their experts.

1 – Facebook – Major Social Media Platform

2 – Whatsapp

3 – Instagram

4 – Facebook Messenger

There are some restrictions on Facebook:
During the hearings of Mark Zuckerberg in the US Senate, Senator John Kennedy had told Zuckerberg that he was not in favor of putting restrictions on Facebook but if such disturbances come out, they will be forced to do so. Many people in the United States believe that certain rules should be set for Facebook. At the same time, Facebook has also said on many occasions that he is ready to set rules for himself, just that all the rules have been made in the right direction, and there is no problem in talking to people using the internet. In this way, it can be assumed that some rules or restrictions on Facebook may be sure. Democrat MP Mark Warner says that Facebook should start data portability, which means that social media users can go to another service instead of a service according to their convenience. Apart from this, this information from Facebook can also be asked where and with whom it is sharing data. Such rules can apply not only to Facebook but to all those platforms that keep people’s personal data. It also includes Google.

People can close Facebook:
Facebook is constantly spreading its footprints around the world, but the countries in which there are conflicts associated with it are in danger of limiting Facebook. In the last three quarters, the number of Facebook users has not been increased if it is only talked about the US. In Europe, this number has declined. The question arises that can this figure be worse? Many people around the world have said that they are destroying their Facebook account, and not only these people are asking their friends and colleagues to do the same. After a debate about data theft in Facebook in the last year, Cambridge University conducted a survey of about 1,000 Facebook users in April. In this survey, 31 percent of the people said that they will reduce the use of Facebook in the coming days.

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