Space X filled the flight to make space travel

Space X filled the flight to make space travel

Space X Company has successfully tested a rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which is intended to take humans into space.

This rocket has not been sent to any person at this time but if everything is okay, then the American Space Agency can approve it, after which the way of carrying astronauts will be cleared. Allen Musk, the founder of Space X, has said that this can be the first step towards the direction of the commercial tourism of space. After retiring his shuttle in 2011, America has not been able to send any astronaut to space. The US is using Russian Soyuz Spacecraft for this.

Following an 11-minute trip, the Falcon 9 Rocket and the Dragon crew capsule of Space X were on the route, which would match the International Space Station at a set time and place on Sunday. In spite of this, there is no astronaut, but an artificial astronaut has been sent to it. Sensors have been installed in it, which will tell you what kind of conditions the person will have to face. This artificial astronaut has been named ‘Ripley’ by Space X, which is a character of Alien Movies. Space X is the company of California. Alan Musk made this space with the intention of commercial tourism.

After the rocket launch, Allen Musk told reporters, “It took 17 years to reach here since 2002. To tell the truth, I was emotionally tense because it was a ‘superstuff’. “He said,” Our focus is on meeting Nasa’s needs. But the dragon capsules began to work properly, after that they would search for customers according to earnings. NASA’s attitude has been positive in this matter. “

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