Scientists have developed a protein that will be treated with injections to prostate cancerous tumors

Scientists have developed a protein that will be treated with injections to prostate cancerous tumors.

Health Desk: London’s scientists find a new way to eliminate prostate cancer. A protein has been prepared for treatment, which will be released in the studio using injections. This protein creates a body’s immune system that can destroy cancer cells. Injections have been prepared by explorers of King’s College in London. Immunotherapy is being used to treat cancer in the past few years. Which helps kill kidneys, lungs and other organs, but it was not possible for prostate cancer. Currently, prostate cancer has killed 12,000 people every year in the world.

More than the risk of prostate cancer among people over 60

1. According to investigators, this injection contains a special type of protein called IL-15. It increases the number of cells fighting against cancer in the body. At the next stage of the trial, 20 patients of prostate cancer will be included.

2. The researchers further say that the person who has a naturally present IL-15 protein is very small in the cells, but when the protein is released into the body through injection, the immune system becomes severe on cancer.

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