Rifat Sharq: The 19-year-old boy who created the Kalam-Sat

Rifat Sharq - The 19-year-old boy who created the Kalam-Sat

” We did not have the word. We embraced each other, we were very emotional. We were unable to utter our feelings in words. “The face of 19-year-old Sharak is blown up by saying this. Graduate students are the smallest member of the team with seven people. This team has created the world’s smallest satellite, which has been set up by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Thursday in the orbit of the Earth. But it is very interesting how the group with an unheard of experience built 1.26 kilograms in just six days. After the successful launch, discussions are going on around the team that makes up this. Everyone is praising the talent of the members. Rafiq Sharq, speaking to the BBC, says, “We did not become stars in one night. This is the result of our hard work. “Kalam-sat V2 Satellite has been named after the country’s former President APJ Abdul Kalam. This is the seventh satellite that this team has designed. Rafiq Sharq says, “The experience of the previous satellites we created was our work. But we also had many new ideas. ISRO scientists helped us for this satellite. We would go to him whenever we needed help. “

Satellite sent to ISRO for free:
ISRO had placed this satellite in the rocket as an additional satellite, which was sent to the class free of charge. In fact, the special purpose of a rocket launch on Thursday was to send a military satellite to the class. “We are thankful to ISRO for sending our satellite for free,” says Sharq. If we send these satellites through a private company, we would have to pay $ 60,000 to 80 thousand dollars, we can not afford it. “This satellite has been made for $ 18 thousand dollars. It will help those who run the radio service to exchange waves for their programs. It can stay in space for up to two months. The team bought aluminum worth of aluminum from Chennai, apart from this, they were also asked for several parts abroad due to lack of time. Sharq explains, “We took two days to design it and on the next day we started to make it.”

NASA has taught a lot:
The team works in a flat in Chennai. This flat has given these people the look of an office. Yagya Sai is the 21st-year-old member of the team. A few months ago, he finished his engineering studies in Aerospace. Says Sai, “In NASA, I learned a lot through the old mission of America. There I met an astronaut who removed me from NASA. “

Gone to sleep without sleep:
For the last four years, Sai has been involved with a Space Education firm ‘Space Kids’. This is the firm behind this project. He says, “We were running against time. In six days we barely slept one hour. We did not have the time to think about eating and drinking. “On the last day, we reached the ISRO by taking the satellite and tested the electricity and vibration of the satellite. When scientists told us that everything is fine, at that time there was no room for happiness. “

Prayer made our technique:
“We cleaned a room in our office and made the satellite in it. Whenever we get any material to make satellites, we take it to the worship house and take God’s blessings. Without prayer, nothing is possible. “45-year-old businessman Mrs. Kesson is the head of Space Kids, he is getting much corporate funding for researching his space, apart from that he also funded many small space projects This team of seven people is working on a new satellite which will be launched this year, this will raise the level of biology and radiation levels. E says that the lack of money and better lab will not be able to stop them, they say, “We can do things by using alternative techniques, we need more opportunities than money and facilities.” , “The world of space is changing, many new things are happening, the design of the Satellite itself and the experience of making the best was.”

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