Photos of the body in the outer part of the solar system drawn by NASA

Photos of the body in the outer part of the solar system drawn by NASA

The American Space Agency’s campaign ‘New Harrisons’ has approached Earth after passing through the success of the Ultima Touli name, which is located in the outer part of the solar system. At the time the spacecraft was approached, at that time it was 6.5 billion kilometers from the Earth. In this way, it has become the most successful operation in the solar system. The Robotic Spacrucft, named New Harrison, has passed notes and important information of this body while passing through the Ultima tool. These spaceships will continue to send photos and information to the Earth for the next few months.

Radio messages sent from spacecraft were caught in NASA’s large antenna in Madrid, Spain. These messages took six hours and eight minutes to decide the long distance between Earth and Altima. As soon as the signal was received, the celebration was applauded by applause in the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, Maryland. Mission Operations Manager Alice Bowman said, “Our aircraft is safe. We have achieved success in doing the most fly-away.” Flibby means passing through a place or point.

The first radio message from Spacecraft was just about the information related to his position on the computer. It also included confirmation that New Harrison has taken photographs and its memory has been completely filled. Later, New Harrisons will also send pictures and so scientists and people will know what Spacruck has recorded in his camera. But the point to consider is that in what position was the time when Spacecraft was in the photograph, it is very important. If his position was not correct, he would have captured pictures of empty space. The Ultima is located in the part of the Solar System, called the Kiper belt. This belt is made of frozen bodies, which are 2 billion kilometers from Neptune and 1.5 billion kilometers from Pluto. These objects are rotating around the sun. In 2015, New Harrison had also passed near Pluto.

It is estimated that the Kuiper belt has thousands of objects like Ultima, and they are in a situation from which it can be seen how things will have been 4.6 billion years ago when the solar system was formed. The distance between New Harrison’s and Earth is very long. There is a small 15-watt transmitter in the spacecraft. This means that the data will come very slowly. However, it can come at a speed of 1 kilobit per second. In such a scenario, the number of photographs and photographs that this Spacecraft has stored so far is expected to be completed by September 2020.

This means that a high-resolution picture cannot be expected before February. But Principal Investigator Allan Stern of the campaign says that it will not be very difficult. He told reporters, “The lesser resolution photos that come up this week will give basic information about the geography and structure of Ultima, in this way we will start writing the first scientific paper from next week.” When it was in the process of passing through the Spacruzt Ultima, he took a picture. It looks like Ultima blurred. Researchers say that this picture shows that the size of this body can be 35 x 15 kilometers.

Why the Kiper Belt Test is Important:
The scientists have a lot of curiosity about the place where the Ultima tool is located and where it is located. One is because in this part very few rays of sun reach and here the temperature is very low. For this reason, the chemical process here will be almost non-existent. This means that the Ultima is in a frozen state since it has been formed. The second thing is that the size of the Ultima is small (only 30 kilometers), so in its texture, it has not changed much since the beginning. The third important thing is to be present in the Kiper belt. There have been several incidents of collision of objects in the internal parts of the solar system, but there are relatively few collisions in the Kiper Belt. Stern Allen says, “Whatever we know about Ultima, we will know from what things and how the solar system was built.” Before any of the objects we sent the satellite or from whom our Specsavers have passed We could not get this information from them, because they were either too big or too hot. Ultima is different from them. “

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