Nancy Pelosi: America’s Most Powerful Women

Nancy Pelosi - America's Most Powerful Women

Democrat MP from California, USA, Nancy Pelosi has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States.

After reaching this position, she has become the most powerful woman in America, while the President and Vice-President have become the third most powerful person in America. After the recent mid-term elections in the United States, the Democratic Party has come in the lower house, in the House of Representatives. Pelosi’s victory has happened at a time when President Trump’s position on the Mexican border is almost a state of shutdown in demand in the United States for funding. The 78-year-old Pelosi is against the plan to build a trump wall. On his election, he said, “I am proud that I have been made the Speaker of this House of Parliament. This is the 100th year of the right to vote for women in the US. There are more than 100 women MPs in the House, which have the ability to serve the country. These numbers are the highest in the history of American democracy. “

Birth and Political Journeys
Nancy Pelosi is no longer the only speaker but will also lead the opposition in the US Parliament. His travels in American politics have been extraordinary. In 2007, he had been a speaker for some time. Along with that, he also remained a strategic leader of the Democratic Party in the mid-term elections of 2018. Pelosi has always been targeting the Republican Party. They were accused of not being a better speaker. Nancy Pelosi’s child lives in the Baltimore city of the state of Maryland, Eastern America. His father was the Mayor of this city. The youngest sister in seven siblings is the only daughter of her parents. In 1976, taking advantage of the political relationship of her family, Pelosi stepped in politics. He helped Democrat leader and Governor of California, Jerry Brown. In 1988, he was elected Deputy Chief of the Party. During this time, he preferred to provide funding for research on AIDS. In 2001, Nancy Pelosi was appointed the leader of the parliamentary group in the lower house.

The meaning of becoming a speaker
This post has been interpreted as the leader of the Chamber in the US Constitution. According to this, after the Vice President, Speaker can replace the President. The party holding a majority in the House of Representatives has control over the legislative agenda. This party also decides the rules of debate. Pelosi has already been in this position. During the financial crisis in 2008, he approved an $ 840 million relief packet. During that time many reforms were approved for the removal of an environment, gender, and wage inequality. He also fought for the approval of the Barack Obama government’s health plan ‘Affordable Care’. It came out as Obama’s most famous scheme of government.

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