Meet the Miss Universe 2018 title winning Catriona Gray

Meet the Miss Universe 2018 title winning Catriona Gray

Miss Universe 2018’s Catriona Gray of Taj Philippines has been found. The pleasure of becoming the fourth Miss Universe from here is being celebrated in the Philippines. The wave of happiness and pride in being seen on social media. The final event of Miss Universe was held in Bangkok, where Gray left behind the other contestants. In this competition of beauty, women have been accused of showing body and discriminating with other women. Activist described Miss Universe as a ‘display of flesh’, which determines the “strict standards of beauty”.

‘Beauty Touring on the Internet’
According to the BBC’s Howard Johansson from Manali, beauty competition is considered a great deal in the Philippines. Family people sit together to see it around the TV. Chat groups are created for comment and forum commentary. This week, the hair salon in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, also offered to get Miss Gray’s final round. Rather, in 1974 the contests were organized by the people of the Philippines, but due to its success, it remained in the Philippines, so that the generation of future was also motivated for the competition. Feminist women of the country show insult to women in these competitions. Artist and activist Nikki Luna calls them ‘Display of Flesh’, which decides the “stringent criteria for beauty” for most women.

Gray, 24, was born in Cannes. Her father is Australian and mother of the Philippines. She grew up in Australia but went to Manila to become modeling and actress. He first won the Miss Philippines crown, after his success, he won the Miss Universe title. Which has encouraged not only the people of the Philippines but the whole world?

Beauty competition is popular in the whole of the world except the Philippines. Schools, villages, and cities run their own beauty contest but after winning the final competition, the level of price increases. This type of competition is seen in many western countries with negativity. Where women have exhibited the body and the role of such women in society, there has been the criticism of disparity with other women.

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