Indian PM Narendra Modi interviews 2019

Indian PM Narendra Modi interviews 2019

On the first day of the New Year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an interview to the news agency ANI. During this time PM Modi has told the whole story of the surgical strike for the first time. PM Modi said that surgical strikes are a big risk. He said that I was concerned about the safety of the soldiers. PM Modi said, “We told the soldiers to return before sunrise. Security of soldiers was my first priority. They were told that the mission is not successful or not, but they should come back before sunrise. “They said,” The soldiers who sent us across the border were restrained till their return. ” “We were told that our young men will return to the country after the operation, but our breaths were stuck.” He said, “The Indian Army is planned in the midnight of September 28-29, Pakistan’s Entered within 3 kilometers of the border and dismantled the targets of terrorists. “PM Modi said that I was directly linked to this operation of the army. During the operation, when I did not get any information for an hour, I was very upset. But later I got a good report and the mind was calm. “PM Modi said that on that day I came to know about the courage of my army. I salute my army. “

PM Modi on Rafael Deal?
PM Modi has said on behalf of Congress allegations of corruption in Rafael Deal that I have given this answer in Parliament beforehand. PM Modi said, “There is no personal charge on Rafael but allegations against the government. The Supreme Court has also cleared the case of Rafael Deal. Milk is milk and water has become water. “He said,” The media should seek proof from Rahul Gandhi on the Rafael Deal. “He said,” Congress should prove that they are accusing … they There is frequent speaking disease, so I need to speak again and again? He said why has the Defense Deal been always disputed since independence?

What did PM Modi talk about fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya and Neerav Modi?
In response to a question asked by the fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya and Neerav Modi, PM Modi said that the people of the country will be able to take pi-pie. He said that the help of international law is being taken to bring back those who have fled. PM Modi said, “The government has enacted a law to seize properties of fugitives.” He had to flee from the country because he could not be safe in the country by mocking the law, as before. “PM Modi assured that the government is fully committed to bringing the stolen money of Hindustan. It is worth mentioning that Vijay Mallya 9 thousand crores and Neerwa Modi escaped with a loan of around 13 thousand crores and is now in the UK.

What has PM Modi said on the issue of farmers?
PM Modi has said on the issue of farmers that only the debt waiver will not be good for the farmers. PM Modi has accused Congress President Rahul Gandhi of spreading lies and said that Rahul Gandhi is giving lollipops of lies to the farmers. PM Modi has said, “On the issue of farmers, the central government is ready to cooperate with the state governments.” He said, “Debt waiver will not improve the lives of farmers. Debt waiver is an election stunt. PM can forgive the state. “PM Modi said,” Our government has increased the MSP of 22 crops. The farmer must be strengthened. Seeds, water etc. are being arranged. Now the crop is understood. The crop is growing much more. Working on Food Processing and Value Addition. Also working on transport and warehousing. We want to make the farmer an entrepreneur in addition to the food adder. “

What has PM Modi said GST?
PM Modi has said on GST that GST was being discussed since former President Pranab Mukherjee used to be the finance minister. GST passed with the consensus in Parliament. Since the GST, the number of taxpayers has increased in the country. During this, PM Modi asked Congress President Rahul Gandhi to tell GST to Gabbar Tax on GST that he did not pay attention to these things. PM Modi said, “There were 30 to 40 percent tax-related goods in our country, but now there is no tax on them. GST has become cheap because of it.”

What did PM Modi say about the defeat in the five assembly elections?
PM Modi has recently said on the defeat in the five assembly elections in the state that there is no defeat or wins criteria. The party has done well. PM Modi said, “There is a hung assembly in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.” He said, “If Modi magic is over, then people are saying that Modi was magic.” PM further said The wave is just the public’s faith and aspiration. “PM Modi said,” BJP is made up of Modi or Amit Shah but not with the polling booth. In the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh, people have found love for the BJP. “PM Modi said,” In 2019 big things are being discussed on the alliance. If the opposition does not account for seats, then how will the coalition be formed? “PM Modi said that the election of the year 2019 will be a public versus coalition. Modi is an expression of the love and blessings of the people.

What has PM Modi said on Ram Temple?
PM Modi has said, “There is no proposal to bring an ordinance until the legal process is going on with the Ram temple.” He said, “The legal process is so slow because there are advocates of Congress there. PM Modi has said, “PM Modi has said,” We have said in the BJP manifesto that the decision of Ram Temple will be within the purview of the Constitution. Ram temple is an emotional issue for BJP. “He said,” Congress should not stoop to the issue and let the legal process go forward in its own way. “PM Modi said, There is a demand for the formation of a Ram temple on behalf of institutions like Self-Service. “

PM Modi spoke on Pakistan?
In reply to a question asked by Pakistan, PM Modi said, “Pakistan will not improve by a fight. Pakistan will take time to improve. “He said,” The decision on surgical sticks was risky. Our first concern was the safety of soldiers and will always be there. “

What did PM Modi say on the Notbandi?
PM Modi has said that there was no shock for the prisoners. The nation was warned in advance for the ban on bondage. PM Modi said, “The country was alerted on black money a year ago.”

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