HP launches world’s thinnest portable photo printer

HP launches world's thinnest portable photo printer

The printed photo is like catching the moment of time and the youth have started to like it. Residents of the digital world want to print photos of those moments they love and love

NEW DELHI: Printing and PC giants HP launched a portable photo printer – the new HP Sprint Plus in the Indian market on Thursday, priced at Rs 8,999. It is being described as the world’s slimmest photo printer, which is capable of extract 30 percent larger photos (2.3 inches by 3.4 inches) on HP jing paper than earlier HP Sprocket. The price of zinc paper is Rs 799 of 20 packs.

HP Ink India Managing Director, Sumeer Chandra said, “The printed photo is like catching the moment of time and the youth are starting to like it. The inhabitants of the digital world want to print their photos of those moments they like and love. We do.” The sprocket app (available on iOS and Android) has been upgraded with new capabilities and now users can print photos directly from the social media app.

Leo Joseph, Senior Director (Printing Systems and Solutions), HP Inc. India said, “We have lost the pleasure of seeing those photos which we have drawn, but by printing, we can bring back this joy. Will revive the craving again. “

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