How difficult is the Israeli PM Netanyahu

How difficult is the Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been threatening his government too.

Israel’s police have said that investigating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come to know that he has enough evidence to make an accused in the case of cheating and bribery. Senior journalist Harendra Mishra, who is present in Israel, points out, “Investigation is ongoing in many cases against Netanyahu, the police has filed a report in three of the four cases and said that action can be taken against them, but this decision is against the attorney The General has to decide whether or not to take further action against Netanyahu. ” On Netanyahu, there is a charge against making changes to the rules to benefit Beechke, a telecom company. This change was reportedly made so that in return, there would be more positive coverage of him and his wife on a news website. In such a situation, getting good evidence to prosecute the police can increase Netanyahu’s difficulties.

How hard is Netanyahu?
Senior journalist Harendra Mishra explains, “The attorney general has not given a statement in the last few cases but the matter is considered to be very serious, Netanyahu said on Sunday that when his Cabinet went to the meeting, his ministers supported him. Said that you are getting serious about this matter but it is not as serious as you think. ” Although Netanyahu may have been trying to convince his colleagues in the government, his government is not seen in a strong position. Netanyahu’s decision to quit ceasefire in Gaza last night was resented by his defense minister Avigdor Lieberman. Since then, her government has left childhood due to a minority. Senior journalist Harendra Mishra says, “Here, Netanyahu’s coalition government has become very weak, it has the support of only 61 members out of 120. In this case, if the attorney general says that the case against Netanyahu should be carried forward So the threat can be over the government. “

However, Harendra Mishra says that the government is not able to see the hope of falling soon. He says, “By the way, most people here believe that the elections will be made before the appointed time and Netanyahu is certainly against it, but he will also support elections soon in a few months.”

If the government collapses?
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been addressing each other as ‘Friends’. In July last year, Narendra Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. After this Netanyahu also visited India. Between India and Israel, there were diplomatic relations of more than 25 years, but the meeting of Modi and Netanyahu was seen as a new chapter of relations between the two countries. Both countries have been working for a long time in the fight, security, agriculture, water, and energy sector against extremism and Netanyahu-Modi has further extended this cooperation. If Netanyahu’s government falls in these circumstances, will it affect Israel’s relations with India?

In this regard, journalist Harendra Mishra says, “There is a lot of warmth in relations between India and Israel. When Narendra Modi came here, it was said that after the independence, the first Indian Prime Minister has come here and it was very warm. Secondly, Netanyahu is the prime minister here since 2009 and wanted to visit India for a long time, but that India could go only when Narendra Modi came to power. Ahir is that if the prime minister to change such warmth might not look. “

But Harendra Mishra also says that the changeover attitude is seen from India only, while Israel has always been a warm-hearted trend for India. He says, “As far as Israel is concerned, the leadership here has a warmth towards India, regardless of whoever is the prime minister. Israel actually considers India as a very important friendly nation and by having a special relationship with it Wants to keep. ” Harendra Mishra points out that there is a special reason for this – India’s biggest buyer of Israel’s arms. He says that friendly relations between India and Israel are very important for the defense industry of Israel.

In such a case, according to Harendra Mishra, if Netanyahu’s government falls, then there will be no major impact on India and Israel’s bilateral relations. He says, “The relations of India and Israel are free and they are not as dependent on leadership as it is being understood.”

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