First time in the world baby born of the dead woman

First time in the world baby born of the dead woman

After the death of a person, it is very common to transplant his limbs into the body of the living. But this is the first case in the world when the uterus of a deceased woman has been implanted in a live woman. Not only this, but the woman taking this uterus has also given birth to a healthy baby girl. I but the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil in the year 2016, the woman was transplanted from the body of the dead woman and in the body of a woman who became a mother. This woman’s fertility treatment was done after ten hours of transplantation. Earlier, efforts were made to implant the uterus of dead women all over the world. But in all these cases, operations have either failed or women had an abortion.

How successful these operations?
In this case, the woman whose uterus was taken was the mother of three children and her death was due to bleeding in the brain. At the same time, the woman receiving the uterus was suffering from the mayor-Rochitansky-Hodger syndrome, which is found in one in every four and a half thousand women. Due to this syndrome, the vagina and uterus do not develop properly. However, the ovary of the woman receiving the uterus, in this case, was absolutely fine. Doctors franchised the sperm of a person who became a father before he wasting eggs from the woman’s body. After this, such medicines were given to the woman, thereby reducing her immune system. Due to better disease resistance, he could obstruct the uterine system properly. Six weeks later, the woman started to have a menstrual cycle. Then, after seven months, fertile eggs were inserted into the woman’s uterus. After this, on December 15, 2017, the woman receiving the uterus gave birth to a healthy baby girl 2.5 kg through surgery.

Dr. Danny Azenberg, associated with the Hospital Das Clinic of São Paulo, says, “Transplantation of living donors was proved to be a milestone for the medical field.” This will help many women unable to become mothers to become mothers. ” “But meeting the living donor is a big challenge. It is almost rare to meet the donors who are willing to donate their own and family’s wishes.” At the same time, Dr. Sardadhan Saso, who is associated with the Imperial College in London, says, “The outcome is very encouraging.” “After this, the number of potential donors will increase and the expenses will also be reduced, after which now the risk of exposure to live donor’s uterus can be avoided.”

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