Film 2.0 bang start: Why Rajinikanth’s ‘Love’ speaks up in the head

Film 2.0 bang start: Why Rajinikanth's 'Love' speaks up in the head

As soon as the release of 2.0 has broken several records at the box office. The fans of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s film were eagerly waiting for this. Alam was there that on Thursday, fencing outside the cinemas in South India remained on the night. The way in which the film has got a great opening, it is believed that in the coming days, it is going to break many big records. The idea of fancy excitement can be assumed that 1.2 million copies of 12 lakh tickets had already been sold before the release on Thursday. According to trade analyst Ramesh Bala, 2.0 has left behind Avengers and Bahubali in the case of advance booking in such a way. According to the trade analyst, 2.0 has done Worldwide 100 crore business on the first day. So far, official figures have not come up, but considering the advance booking and audience craze, this figure is not difficult. Previously, Aamir Khan’s movie Thugs of Hindustan, which was released on Diwali, had a business of 500 million on Opening Day. 2.0 is seen in the country not only in the neighboring country but also in the 2.0. This is rare when there is an advance booking of an Indian movie in Pakistan in this way. According to the reports, the Pakistan Censor Board has given the clearance certificate for the release of 2.0. In Pakistan, it has been released in 75 theaters. Only Rajinikanth can compete with Rajinikanth. Yes, the same happened with 2.0. According to trade analysts, 2.0, released in three languages, has left behind Rajinikanth’s film Kabuli on the first day in earning. Kabbali had a business of 48 crores on the first day. The makers also took firm measures to make 2.0 in the huge budget of 600 crores. First of all, the site was blocked due to which the film was feared to leak. Madras High Court ordered blocking 12,000 websites. Actor Vishal is heading this team and he has given the state government a list of the websites that can leak the film. This is the first time that such a website has been ordered to block together.

2.0 is set to release in theaters across the world on Thursday, laced with actors like Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. This film is being released in many languages including Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. It is said in the reports that this film will be released on 10 thousand screens worldwide. Discussions about this are on the verge and it is also expected that it can prove to be India’s biggest hit. Rajinikanth’s fans are not limited to Tamilnadu and South India, but from north India to Japan and America, his film extends popular fame. For 30 years, a big star of the Tamil film industry, Rajinikanth is also shocked by the earnings of his fans and film in North India. Their film combines people of different ages.

How did they do this magic?
Famous film reviewer Sarah Subramaniam says, “During the 1980s and 1990s, the Indian youth used to have some reason to enjoy cinema and cricket, Rajinikanth was a man who had left the superhero empire in Indian cinema. full.” Sara recalls, “To watch Rajinikanth’s film’s first-day show at the theater is not less than a thriller, there is a current running in the atmosphere.” “His dialog is a different kind of delivery that attracts many people. No other hero can create such an impact from his dialogue delivery.” She says, “She has made a lot of fans in Tamilnadu with her extraordinary style and body language. Even breaking her boundaries, it became her fan in many parts of the country.” Stunts made by them in many films could not be believed, but people enjoyed it because it was done by Rajinikanth. Sara says that Rajinikanth also enjoys the fact that he is also called ‘Hero of Hero’. Many Bollywood stars and Tollywood stars have said that Rajinikanth is his favorite hero. Shahrukh Khan had dedicated the song to Lata Mangeshkar to Rajinikanth and it can not be said as a decision taken from a commercial point of view. Sara Subramaniam believes that this happened because of his popularity among the people. Sara believes, “However, there are fans of Rajinikanth in other parts of India, but there is doubt about his follow-up in his politics and his statements, his follow-up will remain the same as it was before, it is not clear yet. How his big fans have taken their statements. “Sara feels that there are expectations about his film in the country and around the world but with the release of 2.0 in Tamil Nadu Bookings of earlier tickets are not in line with the expectations as Rajinikanth’s films have been seen first. Also, there is not much discussion about the film on social media. Kartik Subbruaj, youth director, director, Rajniakant’s next directorial venture Petta, says, “Making a film with Rajinikanth was my dream. Like many other people in the country, I have also grown up watching Rajinikanth’s film.” “He is definitely one of the biggest stars in the country and has kept his magic in the audience for many years, with a lot of things, including his amazing style, dialogue delivery, has kept the fans together,” says Kartik Subbruaj. Action and dialog delivery are not available to anyone, it is difficult to find an actor who is famous for many years, despite his popularity and charisma, he is very simple and Is joined by Human. This is another amazing aspect of the actor. “

Also famous in Andhra:
Rajinikanth also has a lot of fans in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. His Tamil films danced in Telugu have been widely appreciated among Telugu fans. However, the question arises that why there is a very popular star in Andhra Pradesh, but why is he a special hero? Ashwin Dutt, the producer of films like Rajinikanth and Kuslan, says, “Rajinikanth is a versatile actor, his acting abilities and body language are unique, that is what makes him the common audience.” He is the only actor, so people of all ages feel connected We do.” He says that his style always lures on the screen or at the place of shooting. Ashwini says, “Apart from the good acting style, Rajinikanth’s specialty is his ordinariness, these specializations gave him popularity among the people in different parts of India, he prepared his admirers and also admired him in Andhra. “

Apart from Tamil Nadu, is Rajinikanth’s hold on the people?
On this question, film reviewer Professor Ramasamy says, “Rajinikanth can be caught by the people of India and Tamil Nadu, but in other countries, it is because of popularity that it is due to Tamils living in those countries.” On the question of Rajinikanth’s popularity in Japan because of the movie ‘Mutthu’, he says, “It could be because of the role of Muthu film that was similar to that of the King who lived in southeastern Asian countries. It was reported that due to this, Prior to its release, it attracted viewers, due to the cultural parallelism and character, the film had attracted attention from the Japanese audience. “

Rajni and her unsurpassed style:
Ramasamy says, “Rajinikanth’s body language and style is pre-planned in films, she adopts acting in which the body language is the most involved and she then turns herself to it accordingly. She also breaks down the simple body action- They jerk and do it according to their own. ” “Rajinikanth’s style is the first thing that draws his fans towards him. His style and body language are done very carefully in the movies.” He says, “Because of this specialty, children imitate their style and body language, which is why Rajinikanth makes his style first, it is Rajinikanth’s biggest and positive image.” “There is a special body language, as well as political announcements and other speeches, now it has become a part of them, keeping their body language and style in mind only their dialogues are written.”

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