Facebook will make WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger one

Facebook will make WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger one

Facebook is thinking about bringing its message service together at Instagram, What’s App and Messenger.
These three social media platforms will continue to work as separate mobile apps, but these three will be connected in such a way that messages can be easily sent from one platform to another. Facebook has told the BBC that it is the beginning of a “long process”. The Facebook book was first reported about Facebook, and it was believed that the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg was interested in this plan. If this plan is successful, then someone on Facebook will be able to send messages to someone else’s WhatsApp. At the moment, it is impossible to do this because these three apps work differently and they have no shared land. According to the New York Times, the task of bringing together these three has already been started and it is expected that by the end of this year or by the beginning of 2020, it will be completed. It is being told that Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring these three together because people can increase their usefulness and people can spend more time on these platforms.

What is the plan and how important it is:
According to McKay Kelly’s Tech website The Verge, bringing together all the users on different platforms will increase the overall user base, while preparing to compete with Google and Apple’s messaging service. In a statement, Facebook has said, “We want to give users a better experience in the message service so that people can communicate with each other quickly, with simplicity and maintaining their privacy.” The company says, “We are also bringing end-to-end encryption to our massage services and are trying to stay in touch with our friends and relatives on different platforms.” The company says that The round of “discussion and debate” is still underway with how the system will work.

Connecting these three social media platforms is a big change for Facebook itself, as of now, the company has given Instagram and Whatsapp to work independently for their users. According to the New York Times, Zuckerberg’s decision has become a “stress situation” within the company. This was the reason behind leaving the company of founders of Instagram and Whatsapp last year. This plan has come out at a time when Facebook has been criticized for using and maintaining data for its users, and investigations are underway in this regard. But, broadly, the regulator can raise the question once again that how the company maintains the privacy of its users, to plan to add users’ data. UK’s information commissioners are already investigating how much WhatsApp and Facebook share their data among themselves.

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