Credit card companies do not tell these things, you should consider these

Credit card companies do not tell these things, you should consider these

New Delhi: If you are working in a good company or have a bank account, you will often get calls from the bank for the credit card. The bank asks you to take a credit card by luring different offers on credit card. Although there are some things that banks hide from you, you should look at these points before taking credit card. We are giving you some such information in this news that you can keep in mind while taking a credit card.

Loan Life: Our elderly advice not to take loans often. However, this is a common practice nowadays. It is not always right to be under debt burden. The advantage of a credit card is that you can make purchases at any time, anywhere, but for that, you have to deposit the loan amount. However, for this, you do not need to pay the entire amount at the same time, for this, you can also make payments in installments.

High-Interest Rate: The bank does not ask you to continue your balance till next month! It takes interest on your balance which is very high. Many times you offer discounts on purchasing from credit, but when you fill out the money spent with the card, the discount you pay will end in the form of interest.

High Fines: If you make a minimum payment on a credit card every month, you will have to pay interest. If you make a mistake in the payment, then you have to pay the higher penalty with interest. Apart from fines, you also have to pay for using a credit card.

Removing the cash is also expensive: If you ever want to cash in the emergency card, it will also cost you money. You have to pay even more for this. If you make a mistake in paying it then you have to pay a fine with interest.

Your Credit Activity: The credit card issuer keeps reviewing your card. Generally, these reviews are every six to 12 months. If you have made any negative changes to the credit card or have made a mistake in payment, then the credit card issuer continues to know all this information. If he does not feel well then he can increase your interest rate. So if you want to pay on your auto loan, you can pay more on your credit card balance.

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