China sends down on the ‘unseen’ part of the Chang’e 4, yan

China sends down on the 'unseen' part of the Chang’e 4, yan

China has said that it has succeeded in bringing the robot spacecraft in the other side of the Moon, this is such a first attempt and landing.

China’s government media said that according to the time of Beijing 10:26 am the person landed on the Yan Chang’e 4, South Pole-Aitken basin. There are tools in this that will mark the geology of this area. They will also experiment with biological experiments. China’s government media has said that the landing of this spacecraft is being seen as a ‘landmark in space exploration’. Until now, the Moon has been on the part of the Earth towards the same mission. This is the first time that a space shuttle has landed on the remote part of the Moon which is still untouched.

This vehicle has sent some of the first pictures of the surface after landing. However, these photos have not been sent directly to the Earth. First, it sent these photos to a satellite and then sent it to Earth. In recent times, Chang’e 4, had limited its class in the preparation of the landing. The BBC’s China correspondent John Saddworth said that this was more than a science stake. There was very little news coming out before landing this vehicle, although it was officially announced after successfully landing on the Moon. China has started late in exploring the space. In 2003, it had succeeded in sending people to space for the first time. This is the third country after the Soviet Union and the United States. This mission of China was extremely difficult and dangerous because it had to put the spacecraft into that part of the moon which is still hidden. Earlier, the Chang’e-3 spacecraft was launched on the Moon in 2013. Through this mission on China’s moon, it will help to bring the Moon’s rock and dust on Earth.

The “unseen part” of the moon
The visible part of the moon from the Earth is called ‘dark side’. Here the meaning of dark is not due to lack of darkness or light, but not visible. In fact, both the day and the night in the front and the rear of the moon occur. The back part of the Moon is quite solid and has a lot of pit in it. There is also the ‘Sea’ of black soil made from lava here. The purpose of the Chang’e 4, spacecraft is to investigate the Von Karman pit. This large crater is located in the South Pole-Aitken Valley. It is believed that it was made after a major influence at the beginning of the Moon’s history. Andrew Cotes, professor of physics at UCL Murdesh Space Science Laboratory, says, “It has a huge size of 2,500 kilometers and a depth of 13 kilometers, it is the largest crater of the Solar System and the oldest and deepest valley on the moon.”

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