Can the powder be used by cancer

Can the powder be used by cancer

This thing can scare because the powder is used by all. But hardly anyone would have thought that using powder can lead to cancer. Many such claims have been made concerning the baby powder of the Johnson & Johnson Company that the use of this powder can lead to uterine cancer. This case was caught when a US woman accused the pharmaceutical company, Johnson and Johnson, that her use of uterine cancer caused her. After this, a California court ordered the company to pay around 27 billion rupees. Judging by the verdict on the case of American women, the judges said that the asbestos is used in this powder, but the company does not tell the consumers about the dangers caused by it.

Well, this is not the only case. Thousands of women have claimed in the headquarters of Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey that after developing the powder, they suffered from uterine cancer. He claims that he used the powder to absorb the perspiration of the genitals. After which he got the problem. However, the company is misquoting all these claims. But the effect of this case is now seen in India too. In the Times of India and several other media reports, it has been claimed that over 100 drug inspector samples from company offices, hole-sellers, and distributors in the country, on the order of the Union Health Ministry to investigate the quality of Johnson and Johnson baby powder. Will be deposited and it will be examined. In this regard, when we sought information from the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO), they admitted that this matter was in their information but did not make any comment about the action. This investigation is being seen as an action after a detailed report by Reuters. Reuters wrote in its report, “Johnson and Johnson had known for decades that their baby powder contains asbestos.”

Can there really be asbestos cancer?
It has been a matter of concern for years that applying talcum (mica) powder causes uterine cancer, especially on the genitals. But the evidence in favor of this point is not conclusive. According to international research institutes, the use of asbestos can be cancerous on genitals. Asbestos occurs in the naturally occurring asbestos, which leads to cancer. Since the 1970s, asbestos-free asbestos is used in baby powder and other cosmetic products. The use of talcum powder for many years on genitals has raised concerns about ovarian cancer, but there is no proven proof. However, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the use of talcum powder on genitals has been classified as a carcinogen in view of mixed evidence. Dr. Rohit Batra, the skin specialist doctor at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, says that almost all powders have asbestos and it is also true that if an excessive amount of asbestos goes inside the body then cancer can be done. He says, “It is not good to take the name of anyone powder, usually the use of powder is very limited, in such case cancer occurs only in case of rare case but if someone is using a lot of powder It is necessary to increase the number of powders or any other thing, and when bathing, clean those parts of the body where the powder is applied.

Johnson & Johnson claims
While Reuters reports and many women claim that Johnson and Johnson can be cancerous by using baby powder. At the same time, the company is misinterpreting all these things. In an email sent to the BBC, the company has claimed that Reuters reports are completely unilateral and their powder is completely safe and asbestos free. The company has claimed that they have studied about a million women and men and have found that the powder is completely safe. They say they have sent reports of Reports to Reuters in this case.
He has said in his claim that it is completely safe because,

1 – It has been used for years

2 – It is very popular among common people

3 – Several independent studies have been done about this powder

4 – There is no confirmation of cancer

So is the use of powder dangerous?
First of all, it is important to know that every company makes powder in its own way. If a company’s powder contains an excess of any element, then some other element in somebody Typically powder formation is silicon dioxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, benzoin, and calcium carbonate. In addition, organic oils and fragrances are also used. In general, the powder is a mixture of many minerals, which are prepared by refining. Dr. Rishi Parashar, a dermatologist practicing in Delhi, points out that first of all, understand that there is no difference between the powder produced for any child and an adult. The use of words like baby soft-benign is just part of the marketing. He says, “Until a few years ago, there was such a perception that the powder makes the blonde, the sweat absorbs, but is it really so … It is basically a mix of minerals and chemicals, and if you are using chemicals, in excess If you are doing then danger can happen. “

Dr. Parashar believes that using powder can be dangerous, but he does not consider it to be dangerous for a particular brand. They say that if possible, avoid using it.

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