Akshay Kumar’s next film shooting has started after ‘2.0’

Akshay Kumar's next film shooting has started after '2.0'

There is good news related to films. The news is that a movie called ‘Good News’ is coming. There is a discussion right now because its shooting has started. Another reason for the discussion is the star cast of the film. Although this is a very wide list Akshay Kumar will lead this group. Akshay Kumar has appeared in the recently released film ‘2.0’ with Rajinikanth. Now he has moved towards his next film. What is this next movie about? Who else is working with Akshay? Who is making? When will you come All these things we have mentioned below.

What is the big fat story going to happen?
‘Good News’ means good news. And if this good news is connected with some pair, it means the new guest is going to come home. Straight say the child is going to be. These films are about two such couples. They are exposed to their family’s good news. But they can not do that with them. Many times, the case is not getting settled on repeated trials. In this film, we will get to see the story of two couples. The first one will be the old couple, despite the efforts of not having a child. On the other hand, the second couple is young and they have got a new marriage. Both of these joints should be a child. After trying everything out, they have to take the help of the IVF process. The child born from this process is called test tube baby. What happens between these couples and around them during this period? That’s the story of the movie. It is being described as a family drama and comedy mixer.

Who is working?
Akshay Kumar, you got to know Akshay will be seen with Kareena Kapoor, who was last seen with Akshay as lead actress in the film ‘Kambakht Ishq’. After that, he has been seen in the guest appearances in Akshay Kumar’s films ‘Gabbar Is Back’ and ‘Brothers’. In addition to these two films, Diljeet Dosanjh and Kiara Advani are also going to be seen. Kiara has recently worked on Netflix film ‘Lost Stories’. In this, he had rolled a newly married girl in Karan Johar’s directed part, which is not sexually stable. The Punjabi singer Diljeet Dosanjh, who started her Bollywood acting career with ‘Flyta Punjab’, will be seen in Kiara’s Apozyit film. Diljeet was last seen in the film ‘Surma’. Karan Johar is producing this movie. On August 2, the name of the film and the names of its main artists were announced on Twitter. Through a poster. Those posters you can see below.

Who is making?
Raj Mehta is directing this film. Raj has previously been an Associate and Assistant Director in many films. Raj has been Assistant Director in ‘Kapoor & Sons’, ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’, ‘Behkhufiyaan’ and ‘Aurangzeb’. He was Associate Director of Badrinath’s bride. From ‘Good News’, they are going to debut theirs as a director.

When will this good news?
Kiara Advani and Diljeet Dosanjh started shooting for the film in Mumbai from November 30. Diljeet and Kiara have given news on the shooting to their social media accounts. The film’s producer Karan Johar also shares a video, in which these two artists are standing on the sets of the film and are seen talking. That video you can see below. It is currently being released on July 19.


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